Four Sight is a fast-paced literacy/spelling game of assembling four-letter words from an everchanging assortment of tiles. For 2-6 players, ages 5+. Convert three-letter words into four-letter words by adding a single letter.

What's in the Box?
Lasercut wooden tiles:
- 71 three-letter words
- 25 single letters
- instructions.

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How To Play

Setup: Spread 25 random word tiles and all the letter tiles upside down between the players. Designate a scorekeeper and pick a target end-of-game score, for example 200 points. Flip over any random tile as the start of the game.
Game Play: Playing in turns, the next player quickly flips over a random tile. Any player that spots a combination of single letter plus three-letter word calls out the new four-letter word and its combined point value. The person keeps the word unless someone calls out a higher-valued word within ten seconds. Whoever has the highest points, grabs the two tiles making up the four-letter word. Keep playing until all tiles have been flipped and no more four-letter words can be made. Score the words collected. In a perfect round, 25 words will have been collected. Keep playing until the target score is reached.
Scoring: Accumulate each player?s score. Upon reaching or exceeding the target score, declare the winner.
Play Strategically: Avoid calling out the first new word you spot. Quickly wait to see if a higher-valued word is possible.